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Doc Ackerman’s Herbal Pet Products
Since 1998, Doc Ackerman’s line of botanicals for pets has provided pet owners with a complete line of all-natural, environmentally friendly herbal products. Doc Ackerman's offers a comprehensive spectrum of products designed to maintain pet health naturally. Doc Ackerman's is also proud to offer a line of Herbal Remedies for dogs and cats. Produced from the finest natural ingredients available, these herbal remedies have been rigorously tested for quality and effectiveness.
History of Herbalism
Since written history began, the study of herbs dates back over 5,000 years to the Sumerians. The ancient Romans and Greeks valued plants for various uses including food seasonings, dyes, cosmetics, and most notably as medicines. These medicinal practices were recorded in the writings of Hippocrates, who advocated the use of a few simple herbal drugs—along with fresh air, rest, and proper diet—to help the body’s own “life force” regain health and maintain a desirable homeostasis. Plant remedies represent the most continuous and universal form of treatment and have been the basic source of therapeutic products for professional and folk medicine from the earliest days until the twentieth century. In fact, folk medicine—the household use of plants and herbs to treat physical ailments—is based on word-of-mouth tradition that probably extends in an unbroken line back to prehistoric times.
Philosophy of Herbalism
The basic assumption behind natural healing is that man is part of nature, a living being influenced by, and dependent upon, organic substances. Many of these substances are necessary to life itself; others are valuable, if not essential, for maintaining the body at its optimum state of health. The philosophy of Herbalism contends that the human body is capable of healing itself once the proper conditions have been achieved. For this reason, botanical products are designed to neutralize or eliminate from the body the harmful substances that prevent the body from curing itself. Until recently, the modern age has not been kind to old knowledge, preferring today’s modern scientific answers to health problems. Synthetic drugs have been preferred to natural remedies as pharmaceutical companies continually create laboratory compounds designed to “cure” an ever-growing list of physical ailments. Lately, however, we see a marked trend toward naturopathy as  a viable, preferred substitute to traditional pharmacology. This is mainly due to an increasing awareness of the impact of chemicals on the human body and on the environment. “Natural” is fashionable now in a way it could never have been in the past.
Botanicals and Pet Products
The use of botanical remedies for pets is an ever-growing niche in the pet products market, and with good reason. Pets and humans alike are part of a natural ecosystem, related to the plant life that surrounds them, influenced by it every day, as they influence it. Botanical products allow owners to maintain their pet’s health naturally. Papaya and Wild Cherry Bark for allergy relief, chamomile for anxiety, celery seed and ginger for skin and coat are just some of the herbal solutions to pet ailments. Since many traditional products contain harmful chemicals, natural products are rapidly becoming popular with pet owners who want only the best for their companions. Unfortunately, few companies offer a comprehensive line of all-natural products for pets.
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